Leica V-Lux(25-400)かCanon EOS70D&EF 24-105か??


旅行に持っていくカメラの選択ー(Leica V-Lux(25-400)かCanon EOS70D&EF 24-105)を迷っていて、四十ー五十肩のため重たいカメラやレンズが持てず、軽いのを優先する(ライカ)か使い慣れているほうか(Canon)、、

I cannot decide which camara I will bring to the trip-Leica V-Lux(25-400) or Canon EOS70D&EF 24-105? Lieca is lighter than Canon. But I accoustomed to Canon. But due to my frozen shoulder, I don’t like to bring the heavy one. Why not try to use both camara ?
The the left photo is by Leica and the right one is by Canon. I cannot find big diffrence, however, focusing on far point, the Lieca is better. I will bring Leica this time.
The most inportant problem is not the camera I will bring, but the power point that I have to make for the lecture which is scheduled just after the trip … I have no time to do such a trial of the camera for the trip…..